MEZCAL REVIEW: Banhez Mezcal Artesenal

This is my favorite ensamble mezcal for the price. Banhez' melange of 90% espadin and 10% barril agaves give a unique profile to the alcohol. A collective group of 20 families from the town of San Miguel Ejutla in the central valley of Oaxaca collaborate on this special distillation. The piñas are roasted in underground wood-fired pits, mashed using donkey-pulled tahonas, and finally fermented in wooden tanks and distilled in copper alembics.

This mezcal has tasting notes of roasted pineapple, with the woody goodness of the barril agave in the middle notes, finishing with a subtle floral note on the nose. This is my favorite mezcal for the price for sipping, and also is an excellent mixing mezcal for cocktails.


State: Oaxaca

Town: San Miguel Ejutla

Agave: Espadin, Barril

Style: Joven

Price: $

Distillation: Copper

ABV: 42%

Release year: 2017