"What is Poctli?"

Welcome to POCTLI - the word that means "smoke" in classical Nahuatl, one of the 281 indigenous languages of Mexico. The cuisine of a country is a symphony of ingredients, influences, techniques and weaves an elaborate story. Mexican cuisine is distinct in that its roots delve deep into pre-Conquest heritage and savoir-faire which transcend modern borders. And smoke is an ever present flavor in the notes of Mexican gastronomy. From charred chiles to earth-pit ovens, this subtlety is ever present.

Traditional Mexican tortillas and salsas are cooked on a clay comal (comal de barro), a more gentle method of cooking. The flavors of this slow food cooking technique allow for the heat to penetrate the ingredients with much more control.

I received my first comal de barro from a Mexican friend living in New York. He bought it on the side of the road in Toluca and brought it all the way back on the plane as carry on luggage.

I'm Trevor Baca.

Gracias por visitarme.

POCTLI /poːktɬi/

Classical Nahuatl:


  1. Smoke, fog, mist.